Turdlebag dog poop bag carrier, full dog poop bag holder

Pip modelling for Turdlebag dog poop bag carrier, full dog poop bag holder.

Here we are, heading into the 2017 holiday season already!  Being the busiest season for selling our Turdlebag Full Dog Poop Bag Carriers, and we are on the go, all the time!

2017 has been yet another crazy year for us. Pip, Stella, Red (our black cat), Pete and I moved from northern Utah to central Vermont.  We wanted to be closer to family, but didn’t want to sacrifice access to outdoor pursuits, and Vermont has been a perfect choice.

We are now well into autumn and hoping for some solid snow coverage soon, so we can break out the skis!  But in the meantime we are trying to avoid leaving secrets in the leaves by using our Turdlebag full dog poop bag carriers to hold our full dog poop bags for us, naturally.

We are also filling Turdlebag orders and supporting lots of animal welfare organizations with donations of Turdlebags for auctions, event prizes, etc.  We’ll have a list of who we donated to at the end of the year.

If you are interested in a Turdlebag donation for your organization or benefit event, email: katie(at)turdlebag(dot)com.

Wishing you a wonderful 2017 holiday season!