Dog Poop Bag Carrier

About Turdlebag

dog_poo_pickupThe Turdlebag full dog poop bag carrier idea was born during countless walks and runs while living in Utah with our dog, Tuco. Our town had loads of urban trails and no garbage cans. During one particularly messy run I started thinking about how I really needed a way to carry her turds without, well, carrying them. I went home, pulled out my trusty sewing machine, and we had our first Turdlebag full dog poop bag carrier.

As we were using the very rudimentary Turdlebag full dog poop bag carrier v.1 made by yours truly (it’s come a long way since then!) we started noticing other people with their plastic bags tied to their leashes, and the full bags sitting at the side of a trail, waiting hopefully to be remembered and thrown out later. So we decided to share some Turdlebags with friends, and the response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic – many of them told us that once they started using their Turdlebag full dog poop bag carrier, they couldn’t remember how they managed before they had one!

poop_bag_cleanupSo, thanks to loads of support from our friends and families, we developed a much improved version of Turdlebag full dog poop bag carrier – hopefully it will make your life a little easier, too.

Turdlebag. Doing something stinky should be easy.